СНПЧ А7 Рязань, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

The customer has the right of cancellation to receive the requested goods according to article 125 and article 126 of the CPA when it is delivered under some of these terms:
1.1.1. The delivered goods obviously does not correspond to the requested by the customer and this could be established through the usual review.
1.1.2. The price the customer must pay for the goods does not correspond to the owing price. The final delivery cost is calculated in a Speedy office.
1.1.3. When there is adiscrepancybetween therequested and delivered goods and it was not establishedat the time of the delivery.
The customershave the right torequest a replacementof size or an item included in their initialorder. In that case is
necessaryto declare their desirein writing (by e-mail) or orally (by telephone) in term, not longer than 7 working daysat8800 Sliven city 14 Panayot Hitov blvd. Zlatna Belka building On-line store.
1.1.4. The customerhas the right without owing compensation or default and without giving a reason to return the receivedgoods at8800 Sliven city 14 Panayot Hitov blvd. On-line store. The returning is allowed under the followingconditions:

Thereturning requestis sent in writing to the given from Zlatna Belka ltde-mail forcorrespondencein term not longer than 7 working daysbeginningfrom the date of receiving thegood. The request must contain: the three names of the customer/titular of the account, telephone number, personal bank account of the customer on which the cost to be refund.
Thegoodsis in a goodcommercial look, original packing with original labelsincludingthe original documents issued from Zlatna Belka ltd - invoice, cash bond,warrantycard (if it had been issued);
The customercoordinates with a representative of Zlatna Belka ltdthe addressatwhich ''Zlatna Belka” JSC wantsto receives thegoods back;
The customerpays all the costsassociated withtransporting of thegoodsto the specified address of the representative of Zlatna Belka ltd. Zlatna Belka ltd reserves the right not torefundthe customerin case ofnon-compliancewith one or more of the terms for returning thegood.


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