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Access to personal data

You can access your personal account data at any time under the section "My Account”– by entering your email and password. If you have forgotten your password then simply click on the "Forgotten Password" Link on the Login page.


Guaranteed Security!

Your security is number one on our list!

We value your trust in Zlatnabelka SHOP and ensure that we operate with the highest care and security standards when it concerns your personal data.

Data Transfer

For a secure transfer of your customer data and especially your credit card details we use a secure transfer system – the so called „Secure Socket Layer“ (SSL) transfer. Here we use a high security 128 Bit encoding from Thawte.
All information that has been transfered with this system is encoded before being sent to us. This means nothing can happen to your data

Data Privacy

Zlatnabelka SHOP does not provide a third party with your private data. The details needed for completing your order are handled with the upmost privacy. We only keep your details on our system in order to provide you with a fast and efficient order process.


Cookies are small text files, which are put into a special cookie-file of your browser(Internet Explorer, Firefox,..) by our server. Cookies can only be in this cookie-file of your broswer. Cookies consist of a chain of signs which helps us to identify you as our customer. There is no risk that a virus infects your computer or it is harmed in any way.

The Zlatna Belka SHOP only creates one information on your computer: a session id. On the basis of this id, the customer gets identified. So it's possible that you only have to put in your login-information once.
At your next visit you will automatically be loged in as our customer. Only in case you use a public computer or a computer which is used by more people, you should not use cookies. Simply deactivate cookies at registration.


These days we often here about fraudulent emails being sent, which request the recipient to provide their customer information and passwords. These fraudulent emails are usually sent in the name of a well known company such as banks.

We clearly advise that we never under any circumstances request information such as passwords or credit card details via email.

We also never use free Email platforms such as gmx, hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc to contact our customers. Should you receive emails from these sources, claiming to be sent under the name of Zlatna Belka SHOP, we kindly request you to ignore those kind of Emails.

Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding


Address: 8800 Sliven city, 
14 Panayot Hitov bvld.
phone: (+359) 44 62 25 65
phone: (+359) 44 667 296
fax: (+359) 44 667 297

Е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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